1995 Washington and Lee Men's Cross Country Results

Meet					Top W&L Finisher
2nd of 26 at Lebanon Valley Inv.	Brad Paye (3rd, 26:35)
1st of 6 at W&L Invitational		Brad Paye (1st, 27:20)
2nd of 17 at Dickinson Open		Brad Paye (4th, 25:45)
2nd of 17 at Greensboro Invitational	Jason Callen (5th, 26:48)
1st of 7 at State Championship		Brad Paye (3rd, 26:03)
2nd of 22 at Gettysburg Invit.		Jason Callen (6th, 26:51)
1st of 6 at ODAC Championship		Jason Callen (1st, 26:32)
1st of 16 at NCAA South Regional	Jason Callen (5th, 26:48)
21st of 21 at NCAA D-III Champ.		Jason Callen (141st, 26:23)

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