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NCAA First Round

#1 Washington and Lee 5, #21 Mary Washington 0
May 06, 2006 at Lexington, Va.

Singles competition
1. Emily Applegate (W&L) def. Katie Miglin (UMW) 6-0, 6-1
2. Katie Tabb (W&L) def. Natalie Fugate (UMW) 6-3, 6-0
3. Ginny Wortham (W&L) vs. Amy Sheetz (UMW) unfinished
4. Kristen McClung (W&L) vs. Stephanie Kurti (UMW) unfinished
5. Leah Weston (W&L) vs. Rebecca Morse-Karzen (UMW) unfinished
6. Kelly Will (W&L) vs. Kate Malpeli (UMW) unfinished

Doubles competition

1. Emily Applegate/Kristen McClung (W&L) def. Natalie Fugate/Katie Miglin (UMW) 8-3
2. Katie Tabb/Ginny Wortham (W&L) def. Kelsey Mansmann/Rebecca Morse-Karzen (UMW) 8-3
3. Lisa Mabry/Leah Weston (W&L) def. Stephanie Kurti/Gayle Smith (UMW) 8-3

Match Notes
Mary Washington 15-9; National ranking #21
Washington and Lee 25-0; National ranking #1
T-2:10 A-75


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Sports Information Director
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